Madden 20: Oklahoma City relocation guide + uniforms and team logos

Oklahoma City has a reputation as a team-stealer. After securing the move of NBA team Seattle Supersonics in 2008, could they get an NFL team too?

Well in Madden 20’s franchise mode you can follow the Supersonics to OKC thanks to the relocation function.

Here is everything you need to know about moving your NFL team to Oklahoma City.

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Oklahoma City stats

Fan interest: 2/6

Market size: Small

Personality: Loyal

OKC hasn’t been on the sporting map for long, but ever since the Seattle Supersonics relocated to the mid-west, Oklahoma City has been making headlines and challenging for titles. Now you can join them by bringing professional football to a college football hotbed. Fan interest isn’t high, and the market size isn’t terrific, but if they can support an NBA team they can get behind an NFL team too and fill up a stadium, right?

You will get to choose between three team names, the Lancers, the Nighthawks, and the Bisons.

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I’m not sure what jousting has to do with Oklahoma, but here were are. The Lancers have reasonable fan support, and the logo is pretty simple. The color scheme is a little muted, but let’s see what the uniforms have to offer.

There is a slight Nebraska Cornhuskers vibe with the red and white helmet and jersey, but that is then broken up by the maroon pants. It’s a bold choice for sure, but one that could work. Style #3 is certainly the cleanest and my favorite.

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The Oklahoma City Bisons have a nice ring to them, and the mascot is one of the most relevant in the whole Madden relocation pantheon. The color scheme looks like it could be hit or miss though.

Boise State eat your heart out. The combination of orange and blue is a strong statement and a bold look. On screen it’s fine, especially style #2, but I’m not sure it will hold up in a game or a whole season.

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Night Hawks

So every team name has the same level of fan support, but to me the Night Hawks are a little too close to the Seahawks both in name and logo design. It isn’t cool to rob the same city twice! Let’s take a look at the uniforms.

These have an air of the Arena League about them. The lurid purple and orange combination is just so far removed from anything in the NFL right now that it is tough for the Night Hawks to feel like a legitimate franchise with uniform designs like these.

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