Madden 20: EA’s official Super Bowl LIV prediction is here, and it promises an amazing game

Super Bowl week is full of hype.

With plenty of time to look at key matchups, sleeper players, and any potential surprise, there is little left to do by gameday but get some food ready and watch the big game.

Unless you are a Madden player of course.

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Ultimate Team has a whole host of amazing Super Bowl promotions going on right now, with plenty of amazing MUT cards on offer.

What you can do it run a simulation of Super Bowl LIV though. RealSport’s prediction came out with a very one-sided result that won’t make too many people happy.

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Will EA’s official prediction be more accurate?

EA Sports’ official Super Bowl LIV prediction

EA’s simulation has this as a points-filled, titanic struggle, but with the Kansas City Chiefs coming out on top 35-31.

Of course, that means Patrick Mahomes would be MVP, but as he’s the cover star of Madden 20 can we really trust them?

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EA’s official prediction has been wrong in three of the last four Super Bowls, but it is worth noting that they got Super Bowl XLIX right with the exact score too.

So, will the Chiefs win to crown the age of Mahomes, or will Kyle Shanahan join his dad as a Super Bowl-winning head coach?

We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out!


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