MAC Autumn/Winter 2021 Women’s Collection


With this collection, MAC is going on an emotional journey about finding oneself: Under the headline EMOTIONAL TRAVELLER, the surreal experience of the standstill, of physical distance and the longing for social closeness is processed. This, along with the desire for love and companionship as well as optimism and hope, are essential
influences. MAC wants to convey a positive attitude towards life. Additional inspiration comes from the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s. As a result, the focus of the entire collection is placed on authenticity as well as ease and comfort.


MAC has stood for high-quality materials and a respectful way of dealing with human beings and nature since 1973. For us as trouser specialists, sustainability is a daily challenge to keep getting better in all segments of the value chain – socially as well as ecologically. MAC has been GOTS-certified since 2020 and uses up to 100% BCI-certified cotton. BCI-certified farmers produce cotton in an environmentally friendly way and are committed to offering humane working conditions.

In the new Autumn/Winter 2021 collection, sustainability plays an even larger role: under the headline ‘Together we can save our BLUE planet’ MAC focuses above all on new, sustainable materials and dyeing methods in its ladieswear collection. In addition, more recycled polyester and reused cotton, Tencel and hemp are used in the denim segment. For the flats, ECONYL® is becoming more important. Nylon fibres are obtained from industrial waste and have the potential to be recycled indefinitely without any loss in quality.

MAC Autumn/Winter 2021 Women’s Collection


In the DENIM SPIRIT collection theme, MAC is presenting very exciting and diverse styles
and materials in Autumn/Winter 2021. In the denim segment, casualness and comfort become more important with elastic and very comfortable jeans that are suitable for wearing at home and in the office.

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Among the range of shapes, the fashionable O shape has become firmly established. In
Autumn/Winter 2021, the focus is on the waist, which is emphasised by seam details, pleated waistbands, pin tucks and pointed back yoke solutions. The overall picture is also defined by wide silhouettes, with CULOTTEs, WIDELEGs and FLAREDs. Another important fashion item is STRAIGHT Cuts with high turn-ups. A new fashion highlight is provided by the BAGGY as a tapered cut, which was inspired by the ’90s.
In the commercial segment, SKINNY styles remain important.

The utility and workwear influences of the past collections continue, but come in new,
surprising details. Functional elements from the trekking and travel segment such as panel
seams, hem details, zips and patch pockets are becoming more important.

Authentic ’80s and ’90s washes define the denim picture. They are complemented by new,
’80s random washes with high-low effects in a vintage look. Light destroys enhance the
natural used look of the jeans. Fashion impulses are provided by styles with patch and repair, reworked denims finished with vegan leather, winter tie-dye and denim coatings.

The colour world of the denims is quite multifaceted: hard white, off white and winter white.

Very important are grey denims in all shades through to black denim, and many kinds of blue denim washes – some of them also in a rinsed look. Colour highlights are provided by red shades.

As an absolute highlight, MAC is presenting a denim capsule with the Autumn/Winter 2021
collection which was developed in close collaboration with Sylvie Meis: 24/7 SYLVIE MEIS
FOR MAC fits perfectly to the lifestyle of the popular TV host and businesswoman. From a
casual denim look through to a sexy denim outfit, all styles show variety, chic and glamour. Gold highlights make a statement and create a successful fashion presentation. The 24/7
SYLVIE MEIS FOR MAC capsule is accompanied by an extensive POS package for the

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MAC Autumn/Winter 2021 Women’s Collection


In Autumn/Winter 2021, MAC will present FREE AND EASY styles in the form of
uncomplicated, comfortable looks which radiate lightness and a trans-seasonal character.
The consumers’ need for durability and craftsmanship elements will continue as well. The
new collection satisfies this need with modern, comfortable, perfectly fitting and timeless
classics which are enhanced by exciting details.

MAC presents a home office wardrobe with positive and smart casualness. The theme is
emotionally charged and thrillingly interpreted under the heading MAC@Home 24/7. The
highlight is a small knitwear capsule called ‘WEEKEND VIBES’. Here MAC offers two
matching tops with two different trouser styles.

Among the fabrics, leather plays an important role. New impulses are provided by innovative colours as well as embossings and pattern definitions that have been added to the styles. Baby corduroy is considered a must-have for Autumn/Winter 2021 and comes in cool, casual looks in gorgeous colours. In addition, 3D looks, textures and embossings create excitement concerning the materials. A fashion highlight is a jacquard which is bonded with a mesh material that gives it a unique 3D look. Great emphasis in the collection is placed on techno materials such as technical woven fabrics, jerseys and functional hollow fibres. They are used for the comfortable home office

MAC is presenting a highly diverse range of fits in the new flats collection: wide silhouettes
as CULOTTEs, WIDE LEGs and STRAIGHT LEGs determine the picture. JOGGING and JUMPIN styles are experiencing a revival. Therefore, sportiveness and comfort also find their way into this collection theme and look stunning thanks to new waistband solutions and sportive details. After a few seasons of restraint, LEGGINGs and SKINNY styles are becoming more important again as a result of the new shoe fashion. In addition, we find BOOT-LEG as well as 5-pocket styles in the collection for which bi-stretch materials and O shapes are used. Inspired by the ’90s, BAGGY styles provide new, fashionable highlights as TAPERED fits. The details of the trousers are influenced by the traveller and hiking segment and come in trendy, surprising varieties.

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The colour worlds of the flats are also quite multifaceted:
All kinds of red shades meet new nature shades, from hard white to winter white and grey through to camel and brown and many different blue shades through to new violet hues. ‘All about NATURE’ – the most varied green shades, from matcha to jade and petrol through to luscious, nature-inspired greens. This also results in new, cool khaki shades which are particularly important in the Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. Black is a central colour shade which often also forms a contrast to white or red.

Among the pattern definitions of the different styles, it is especially prints in muted minimals that determine the picture.

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