Maaji Lucky Champ Summer 2022 Activewear Collection

Maaji introduces the Lucky Champ, Summer 2022 Activewear collection. We live life contemplating the meaning of luck. Will we be lucky in love? The lucky winner? So many lucky symbols: while inside each of us lives our own lucky charm! Why leave it to luck? Trust the instinct; it makes you: you!

Lucky you, lucky us… lucky me!

New floral prints, retro style, and neon pastel colors. This lucky collection presents versatile pieces and new silhouettes. Herbal Green, Shell Pink, Black Tulip, and Lavender are among the lucky winner colors of this collection. Bright, fun, and fantastic! And most importantly: 43 percent of this collection is made in fabrics made from recycled fibers, a step further in our sustainability journey.

Picture: Maaji, Lucky Champ, Summer 2022 Activewear collection, courtesy of the brand

Trust the instinct and fall in love with the key pieces of the collection:

Flower Power Vivacity is a double layer mesh top with removable cups, one of the collection’s bestseller pieces because of its perfect amount of support and flattering fit.

Fandango Pink Mellow & Daisy will be this season’s comfy set, the perfect lounging pieces. Soft, cute, and perfect to Netflix binge-watch.

Black Tulip Sage is a low-impact halter sports bra. Your go-to piece for a yoga class, it’s the perfect mix between feeling good and wearing supportive and soft athleisurewear.

Lavander Skillful is the cutest activewear top. And it’s a 4-way style, meaning it was 4 different ways to wear it. Pd. It has the most flattering cut-out, the perfect touch!

Backyard Feathery track shorts are the perfect cute and support combo. Its inner shorts will be the ideal compression, and the outer layer is a dainty flower print, perfect for outdoor running!

Keep moving your body, you’re a Lucky Champ!

Picture: Maaji, Lucky Champ, Summer 2022 Activewear collection, courtesy of the brand

About Maaji

The Brand

Maaji is a lifestyle brand rooted in swimwear, created to deliver Maajic by surprising and spreading joy for a tribe of young-spirited people who are socially and environmentally conscious.
Our Name is Maaji, and we pronounce it “Magi”.

The Product

Maaji creations are characterized by their ocean-inspired color prints, fun combinations, and unexpected details. Proud of its home, Maaji label reads: We are Made in Colombia with Maajic.

The Company

Founded in 2003 by Colombian sisters, Manuela and Amalia Sierra, Maaji was built on the principle of making a positive impact through good deeds. That means practicing inclusion, transparency, ethical production, embracing diversity, and doing more to minimize our environmental footprint through our sustainable practices.

Maaji is present in more than 57 countries and has 15 stand-alone stores across the Americas.
We rely on numerous partners such as Nordstrom, Revolve, Galerias Lafayette, Corte Ingles, Amazon, Zappos, Neiman Marcus, Anthropologie, and Bloomingdales.

We deliver Maajic to make life an endless summer!

Picture: Maaji, Lucky Champ, Summer 2022 Activewear collection, courtesy of the brand


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