Lucifer Season 6 Ending Explained

Linda and Charlie

Linda carried on being the best, most patient therapist in LA, and raised her growing son Charlie, who turned out to be a sweet little angel – a real one, with wings! Even though she said she wouldn’t publish her tell-all book about helping Lucifer over the years, we like to think she changed her mind and did it anyway.


Amenadiel rose to the challenge of being God, taking his seat on the throne in the Silver City and becoming the kind of God who didn’t feel comfortable being bowed down to. He welcomed the angels of Heaven to his side, and seemed content with his new path as the universe’s ultimate benevolent deity.

Amenadiel was busy in Heaven, but didn’t ever really leave his family on Earth behind, and took an active role in their lives. He was even there to see Charlie unexpectedly get his wings on his second birthday!


Dan (Kevin Alejandro) managed to get into Heaven after first idling in Hell for years (thanks to Lucifer) and then becoming a frustrated ghost on Earth (thanks to Rory), but he was finally able to move on to the afterlife after he saw Trixie one last time and made peace with leaving his daughter behind, knowing that she was a strong, smart young woman who had nothing but good memories of him and the time they spent together.

We saw that Dan reunited with Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) in Heaven, and the two seemed very much in love. Dan was naturally extremely delighted to find that he still got to eat his favorite dessert in the afterlife: chocolate pudding cups!


Despite the shock of learning the extent of Lucifer’s secret earlier in the season, Ella managed to process all the weirdness that had taken place around her at the LAPD over the years.


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