Lucifer Season 5 Ending Explained

Remiel arrives and interrupts the heart-breaking scene but dies almost immediately. Chloe and Lucifer realize from examining Remi’s wounds that Michael hasn’t yet constructed the Flaming Sword. He is still missing at least one piece: Amenadiel’s necklace, which includes the key that locks Azrael’s Blade and the Medallion of Life together to create the Flaming Sword – the most powerful weapon in the universe. Lucifer tracks the necklace to TJ the fence, but Michael snags it.

What Was Lucifer’s Plan to Fight Michael?

The episode is chock-full of thoughts from various characters about standing up after a fall, and accepting death while fighting for the greater good even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice, and we see Chloe and Lucifer both accept this journey in the Season 5 finale.

When Lucifer tries to reason with the angels on Michael’s side, he is virtually unsuccessful. Michael suspects that the angel vote might have to be unanimous to install himself on the throne, and a fight breaks out between Lucifer’s crew and Michael’s angel cohort. Even with Mazikeen, Amenadiel, Chloe, Eve, Zadkiel and a whole bunch of newly Hell-sent souls from a crashed prison transport on his side, Lucifer can’t quite beat Michael. After all, Michael has the Flaming Sword, which is capable of killing Lucifer and anyone else that stands in his way.

But Lucifer and Chloe have a plan. While Lucifer fights Michael, Chloe will dart into the fight and rip the key from the sword, disabling it and giving Lucifer a chance to steal it. Meanwhile, Lucifer picks up Azrael’s blade, only to see her suddenly appear at his side. With Lucifer distracted for a brief moment, Michael runs Chloe through with Zadkiel’s staff, killing her.

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Mazikeen snaps, and a war breaks out between the angels and demons.

How Did Chloe Come Back to Life?

As Chloe lies dying in his arms, she tells Lucifer that they all made an individual choice to be in the fight one way or another, and knows that she isn’t really responsible for Dan’s death.


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