Love Memes? Make Money From Making Memes With These 5 Tricks

Love Memes? Make Money From Making Memes With These 5 Tricks.

An internet phenomenon that started a decade ago and has dominated the online space. Memes have become synonyms to online content. Meme aggregation platforms like 9gag are some of the most established digital applications.  

The relatability and common messaging of these trend-driven images have created a stir on the internet. Using an online tool or video animations platforms like InVideo, creating memes is as easy as consuming them.

Know Your Memes:

Before you consider a business in memes, ask yourself if you understand the domain. If you are a person that automatically opens 9gag before checking the morning emails, you are the ideal person for this job. Like most pop cultures, the meme culture requires an in-depth understanding of your audience and keeping up with the trends.

If you are confident in your skills in creating these funny online pieces, like a cat meme and a movie meme, then here are a few ways to monetize your skills over some time. You can check here.

Make Money from Memes:

Here are six points to keep in mind if you want to make a business for memes:  

1. Build a Niche

One way to build a significant following to your meme page is by creating memes for a particular niche. All the following of your page comes from people of common interests, age, or areas.

For example, creating only sports memes will help you build a loyal following of sports fans. The options are endless — science memes, business memes, movie memes, pop culture memes, and much more.

The advantage of this is that you can also seek brand collaborations in that particular domain. If your page creates only sports memes, a baseball team might approach you for promoting their brand. And each post could provide you with a fixed income.

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2. Become an Aggregator

Another common trend in building pages is becoming a meme aggregator. Most memes online have zero copyright violations, making it an open-source platform for everyone. As an aggregator, you would create a collection of the best memes on the internet to indirectly build a page following.

While this is a great opportunity, you make the bucks, ensure that you provide sufficient credit to the original meme creator. This creator’s information is often hard to find since memes are such a viral phenomenon. Not giving the right credit could earn your page a reputation of a plagiarist.  

You can also go a step further and make a video each week about the market’s best memes. Using a tool like can help you do this instantly. Meme aggregations are another way of content curation. You will also have to put up some of your original content to build credibility.

3. Brand-Marketing Memes

You can also monetize this talent once you have a substantial portfolio of creating online content. You behave as a vendor who supplies meme content to companies, individuals, and brands.

For example, on an online platform like Fiverr, small brands and freelancers often seek collaboration from meme-creating professionals. This task is like a design job, but with a very niche market and a dedicated follower.

To sell your memes online, you will have to create a work portfolio and promote yourself excessively on social media platforms. This domain also allows you to build a personal brand. The person brand can fetch you an income as an influencer.

4. Pick a Platform.

Another way to streamline your career of meme-making is by committing to a single platform. While having multiple platforms can provide a wider audience, it’s also a significant amount of work for a beginner.

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If your memes are political, business-oriented, cater to a mature demographic — a platform like Twitter would make a better avenue. However, if your memes cater to a young audience. Content that is colorful and has a higher shareability with pop culture references; then, a platform like Instagram will do better for you.

Finding the right platform will make all the difference at the start. Because email newsletters with memes are never the best ideas. Research your media based on your comfort and skills.

5. Merchandising.

Lastly, if you like creating memes but want to take your business away from the digital market, merchandising is an excellent option. Use memes to create products sold on the internet or in physical stores.

This product can be popular t-shirts, cups, wall hangings, or any such trinkets with memes on them. A meme merchandise provider can also collaborate with brands for corporate gifting, festival gift boxes, and party giveaways.

Merchandising these products draws a very valuable following with awareness of the content on them. However, unlike creating memes online, merchandising will require an initial capital and contact for printing, distribution, and sales leads.

Here is a wild idea for you — The meme store! The main store would be a one-stop-shop containing all goodies and trinkets with memes on them. Like a gift shop at Disneyland, this should be the go-to destination for meme lovers.

Tips and Tricks:

Firstly, it’s not just about creating memes but keeping up with the news. A meme is only relevant if others understand its meaning. Relatability is the number one criteria for a successful post.

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The other important point to note is the consistency of content. You cannot expect to upload one meme a week and create a business from it. All digital platforms spend hours researching trends and following the news.

Lastly, remember that trend jacking is the most critical way to gain followers. The moment you notice a fresh meme format or image trend on social media; you must upload your content within the first few hours.

In Closing,

If you want to make a business from memes, you are already in a very creative space of mind. If you wish to call it a business — then you must also treat it like one. Try and create a posting schedule of memes and create a content bank before you jump into upload.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Turning this phenomenon into a business can reduce creative pleasure. So, hold the right balance between work and content creation.

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