Love Island star breaks down in Asda after struggling to breastfeed newborn

Love Island winner Cara De La Hoyde broke down in tears in Asda after running into a problem with breastfeeding her newborn.

The reality star and husband Nathan Massey welcomed their baby daughter on Tuesday.

Mum-of-two Cara took to Instagram today to update followers on her last few days and revealed she was left feeling overwhelmed with emotion during a trip to the supermarket this week.

The 30-year-old said she was in dire need of a bit of “normality” and wanted to get out of the house.

But she hadn’t expected things to taking a sad turn when she had a “breakdown” when her baby got hungry in the aisles.

Cara said: “Nathan said he would do the shopping, but I said ‘no, I want to get out for an hour and just look at baby grows’. I just wanted to get out and be a bit normal.

“But then she started crying and wanted to feed and I didn’t really know what to do.

“Normally they’ve got a cafe, so you could go and sit in the cafe and feed, but obviously at the moment it’s a weird time.

“There’s nowhere to sit, but rather than just go back to the car like Nathan said I just had a breakdown and started crying like a weirdo.”

Cara and husband Nathan won Love Island in 2016

However, another unusual feature of giving birth during the coronavirus pandemic helped Cara to disguise her tears.

She revealed: “Thankfully because I had a face mask on people couldn’t really tell.”

Cara, who lives in Essex with Nathan and two-year-old son Freddie-George, told fans she was not putting too much pressure on herself.

The former glamour model was admitted to hospital last week after being diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, a condition which causes high blood pressure during pregnancy and following labour.

She added: “So that was my first major breakdown and I keep forgetting I only gave birth on Tuesday and this time last week I hadn’t even gone in for my induction process yet, so I’m giving myself a break.

“Sorry if I haven’t responded to people yet, I haven’t even spoken to friends, I’m knocked, this little girl has got day and night mixed up at the moment so in the day she’s napping and at night she’s up and not settling until about five.

“And she’s not settling in a cot, only settling if I’m holding her, so I’m very tired at the moment. But Nathan has been amazing and at least the breastfeeding is going well.”

Cara opened up about her post-pregnancy journey on social media

Cara and Nathan are due to reveal the name of their new baby daughter, and her face, in a magazine photoshoot next week.

She shared an adorable snap shortly after giving birth, with the tot holding her thumb.

She wrote: “She’s here and home. We are both want to say a massive Thank you to all the amazing ladies who looked after us @darent_valley_hospital over the last few days.”

“Thank you for all your messages that have kept me going.”


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