Love Island Mike begs Jess to ditch Luke and give him a chance – leaving her torn

Love Island player Mike is on a one man mission to woo Jess, despite the blonde babe telling her fellow islanders she can’t trust him.

After the savage recouping in which Mike decided to axe Leanne from the villa, the former policeman call Jess over for a chat.

Laying it on thick, Mike said: “Had it been me that was able to pick first I would have picked you.

“I’m a little bit upset I didn’t get it my way.

“But I’m not going to let it stop me getting to know you.”

Mike is keen to win over Jess

Remaining coy about her own feelings, Jess replied: “Actions speak louder than words.

“In order for me to know be with someone other than Luke, you need to show me.”

Insisting he’s not leading her on, Mike replied: “I definitely see us going somewhere. I’ll show you.”

Jess isn’t sure she can trust Mike

However, Jess isn’t ready to buy it just yet.

“I know that if this hadn’t happened with Leanne, you wouldn’t be saying it,” she hit back.

Playing it cool, Mike continued: “Everything happens for a reason.

Luke M is determined not to lose Jess to Mike

“This might have been the kick up the bum to get to where I’m supposed to be.”

Refusing to drop her guard just yet, Jess hit back: “I’m not sure whether you’re being genuine… your head’s all over the place.”

Keen to reinsert himself, Luke later told Jess that he doesn’t think she can trust Mike at all.


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