The cast of Love Is Blind, the popular unscripted Netflix series in which a group of single men and women get engaged without ever having actually seen each other, is getting a tell-all reunion special that will air on both the streaming platform and YouTube March 5, one week after the February 27th season finale.

Apart from being part of a Faustian bargain to increase the national divorce rate, Love Is Blind is the kind of undeniably entertaining schlockfest that has made shows like The Bachelor into massive successes. The basic premise (if you haven’t seen the show) is that every contestant engages in a series of dates in which they are allowed to speak to each other but are physically separated by “pods”. The contestants then propose to each other based on the purely emotional connections they make before finally getting to see one another. Then they have to plan a wedding! It’s a cauldron of boiling liquid trash, and consequently nobody can take their eyes off of it.


Image via Netflix

As reported by THR, the reunion special will be hosted by series hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey, and according to Netflix will “spill the tea and come clean on the season’s juiciest moments,” a sentence that makes me so upset that I have no choice but to hate-watch it when it airs. Curse you, streaming PR geniuses. I’m also secretly hoping that a bench-clearing brawl will erupt among the cast as they relive the drama of filming the reality series. Hopefully they resurrect Dating in the Dark for Season 2.

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The first nine episodes of Love Is Blind are currently streaming on Netflix, with the season finale premiering tomorrow. The reunion special airs next Thursday, March 5, on Netflix and YouTube.



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