Louie Anderson dead updates – Cause of death revealed as star Meat Loaf died within hours of comedian

Doug Benson remembers Louie’s influence

In a Twitter thread, comedian Doug Benson recalled how influential Louie Anderson was to his career.

“I grew up in San Diego, and loved watching stand-up comedy on TV. So when I turned 21, that very night, I went to the Comedy Store in La Jolla,” Benson wrote.

Louie Anderson was one of four comics on the show, and while Benson didn’t perform, one year later he found himself at an open mic at the Comedy Store on Suset.

“When I walked offstage, Louie was sitting in the back of the room,” Benson wrote.

“‘There was some good stuff in there,’ he said as I walked by. A few chuckles I got from the crowd, and Louie’s words, were enough to get me to do stand-up a second time.

“That time didn’t go as well, but I was hooked. And I’ve never stopped.”


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