Lost in me AW21

Lost in me represents a vision, a concept of style. It’s all about quality, creativity, and research. Essentials that add up to a clear brand identity.

Lost in me is linked to a company that has been around for a very long time. 70 years and counting, but younger than ever.

Lost in me was born at the heart of Visconf, a company well-known for its traditional coats. Today, they customize and update designs to the needs of modern society. Male style fabrics get street style allure. To the basics, they add embellishments and other fantasies, fresh and exclusive, often in fur. A touch of tailoring is always around.

What marks their products is the harmonious contrast between masculine-looking coats and the preciousness of the fur details. And then there’s the graphic star, the brand signature, a sign of style and modern-day exclusivity.

The project is Made in Italy and tailored by craftsmen. It’s anchored in a long-standing tradition but speaks of what is important nowadays: the essence of handmade creativity, tailormade to perfection. Strong and powerful, yet feminine at its core.

Image: Lost in me AW21

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