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Zoe Williams’ story of Blanket (How a hotel hero saved my family holiday, 30 August) reminded me of our family’s adventures with Dodo, a Mothercare blanket that my son kept with him all the time. Thirty years ago, my wife took S – then two – shopping. Back home, she realised the blanket had been dropped and didn’t know where. Tears, panic! Imagine the relief when a friend rang the next day to say they’d seen it on the supermarket floor and picked it up. My wife then cut the blanket in two. S was given one half; the other was put in a drawer as a reserve. S remained devoted to Dodo for years, making sure to place it under his pillow when he went to bed. He only parted from it when he went to university. But we parents still have Dodo as a memento. At some stage, one half must have been lost and my wife must have cut the remaining half in two, as we now have two quarters.
Russell Ridgeway
Northwood, London

• My daughter also has a blanket. When she was eight, she left it on a campsite in Galway. I realised before we reached Dublin but kept quiet, thinking she was old enough to give it up (I’ve never been forgiven for this). We wrote to the campsite asking them to look for it, saying we would refund any costs. The blanket came back, washed, ironed and with a note saying that they would not accept any money. We were eternally grateful; my daughter still has it, 30 years later.
Alison Rooks
Baildon, West Yorkshire

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• When she was four, my daughter left Teddy halfway up Striding Edge in the Lake District. At 10pm she was still crying and Dad was dispatched on a mission to find him. Imagine my relief when I spotted him in torchlight, waiting on a rock. We’ll never know how he got himself into such a position, but the rescue did wonders for my street cred. The story has become part of family folklore.
Peter Stott
Tadworth, Surrey

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