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Lorraine Kelly: ‘I had to paint on a smile’ Host opens up on behind-the-scenes struggle

ITV presenter Lorraine Kelly, 60, has admitted she forced herself to smile for the cameras despite struggling with her health behind-the-scenes. The host became aware of her menopause process six years ago after her symptoms became “unbearable”.

She said in her book Shine: “The menopause crept up on me, to be honest.

“It probably started when I was around 54 and it got gradually worse and worse, until one day it was unbearable.

“I just wasn’t coping or enjoying life and was constantly knackered, but I simply couldn’t understand why.

“I found it hard sometimes to get out of bed. I never let it affect my work.

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“But when I was there I had to paint on a smile, just like we all do when we’re having a tough time.”

The host went on to say it was her long-term husband Steve who encouraged her to seek professional help.

Following his advice, Lorraine sought advice from ITV’s Dr Hilary Jones, who informed her it was the menopause.

The health professional informed her that the hormonal imbalance had triggered her anxiety.

The television star added that she treasures day-to-day things, “such as weeding the garden, a morning coffee, a quick phone call to Steve”.

She went on to say that she also has “a little bank of memories” which she reflects on when feeling low.

“I think it’s important not to strive for perfection all the time, because it doesn’t exist,” she added.

Lorraine tied the knot with her husband Steve back in 1992. The couple share 25-year-old daughter Rosie together.

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Earlier this year, the presenter gushed over her marriage in an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk.

On how the pair have kept their long-term marriage alive, she said: “I think we make time to talk.

“We like each other and he makes me laugh. We give each other space. We have our own interests as well as enjoying doing things together.

“That keeps us interested and interesting. We respect each other.”

Lorraine continues today at 8.30am on ITV.


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