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Lord Sugar takes yet another swipe at ‘broken record’ Piers Morgan

They’ve never been the best of friends, but it really seems there is no love lost between Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar.

The pair are currently embroiled in a spectacular war of words on Twitter over the way controversial broadcaster Morgan, 55, has been covering the coronavirus crisis.

The Good Morning Britain host has divided opinions thanks to his interviews with Cabinet politicians. While some have praised Morgan for his rigorous grillings of those in charge, others have accused Morgan of being too “shouty” and not letting his guests speak.

Sugar, 73, seems firmly in the ‘against’ camp; having described Morgan as an “obnoxious, self-centred t***er” just four days previously, The Apprentice star took aim at his nemesis yet again after Morgan’s own brother, Jeremy Pughe-Morgan, got involved in the squabbling.

After Pughe-Morgan tweeted: “I started following this illiterate old clown after he started following me, but I really can’t take any more of his moronic diatribe. Goodbye Lord Sugar, you really are a staggeringly stupid, ignorant and unpleasant little man,” Sugar took it upon himself to write: “Seems I have rattled the Morgan household Piersy Daddy has come to the rescue.”

He added that while Morgan may have given up responding, he’s certain the presenter still reads his tweets.

“Which is more one can say about his tweets to the Gov. They ignore him. He cant reply to me because all I say is 100% correct,” Sugar said.

When followers said that Sugar had spent a lot of time recently tweeted about his rival, he then hit back: “I am fed up with people saying I’m obsessed with Piers Morgan. Will you concede he is obsessed in criticising the Gov non stop every day by calling them out. I am trying to shut him up. I think under the circumstances the Gov is not 100% perfect but trying their best.”

In one final swipe, Sugar referenced one of Morgan’s most recent tweets about coronavirus testing, and wrote: “Why don’t you just shut up you are like a broken record. No-one apart from your mum and dad are listening.”

Morgan received nearly 4000 Ofcom complaints after viewers criticised his usual bombastic interviewing style after he rowed with senior politicians in a number of interviews.

However, he was cleared by the broadcasting watchdog, who issued a statement explaining: “viewers would expect him to challenge senior politicians and hold them to account,” and that Morgan is “well known for his combative interviewing style.”


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