Loose Women star Kaye Adams says Donald Trump's ex Ivana was 'rudest' guest on show

Kaye Adams has revealed the ‘rudest’ guest to appear on Loose Women was Donald Trump’s ex Ivana.

The 60-year-old TV presenter didn’t hold back as she said Ivana Trump, 73, was “so rude” and claimed she terrified co-star Nadia Sawahla.

The Scots broadcaster has been appearing on Loose Women since 1999, before joining the panel permanently in 2013 and teased she couldn’t name and shame a “rude” national treasure.

Kaye made these revelations to Scott McGlynn on the latest episode of his Instagram talk show Celebrity Skin Talk.

Scott asked the Loose Women panellist who was the rudest guest she has ever had on the show.

Kaye and Nadia were left terrified by Ivana
Kaye and Nadia were left terrified by Ivana

Kaye replied: “There’s one but I better not say because she’s a national treasure!

“But back in the day me and Nadia were interviewing Ivana Trump on the show she was so rude!

“She terrified me and Nadia, Nadia was hiding behind me!”

The most recent time Ivana was on Loose Women was in 2020, when she ranted about immigrants.

Ivana was married to former US president Donald Trump for 15 years and had three children together – Donald Jnr, Ivanka and Eric – before their divorce in 1990.

Ivana Trump dishes on Melania Trump and says she speaks to Donald Trump
Ivana Trump dishes on Melania Trump and says she speaks to Donald Trump

The Czech businesswoman locked horns with panellist Jane Moore, who told her that her comments were “inhumane and offensive”.

Ivana said that US immigrants “do not dress Americanly” once in the country, while accusing some immigrants of “not having a job, stealing, and raping American women”.

Ivana also praised her former partner Donald, particularly for “all he achieved with immigration”, insisting that all those who immigrate to America should “enter legally”.

Jane said to Ivana: “What you’ve just said about migrants a lot of people would find quite offensive. You’re a migrant yourself – are you not shutting the door behind you?…

“Do you not understand that some people just want a better life? How you describe them is quite inhumane.”

Ivana snapped: “It is inhumane but everybody has to pick themselves up.

“They have to go and apply for the visa properly then they come to America. They can come and cross the border properly.”

She concluded the interview: “I am an immigrant, and I have no problem with the immigrants, but they must come into the country legally and get a job and pay taxes like the rest of the Americans and just live and be part of society.

“There are some people who don’t even dress Americanly, they dress whatever they dress in and they don’t get a job and they steal and they rape the women and that is not the idea.”

Ivana grew up in Czechoslovakia and moved to Canada in September 1973 before going onto marry Trump.

The two first met at a modelling event in New York City in 1976, and they married in April 1977.

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