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‘Looks like a skip!’ James Martin swipes at Jodie Kidd over car as she tells him 'shut up'

TV chef appeared to talk all about his favourite vehicles in the latest video on Jodie Kidd’s YouTube channel, Kidd in a Sweet Shop. While he invited her to view his incredible collection, he also mocked Jodie’s noticeably unwashed car next to his gleaming vehicles. 

James, 49, is best known for Saturday Morning with James Martin on ITV, having previously hosted the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen between 2006 and 2016. 

Apart from his passion for cooking, James is also a huge car enthusiast, which is why Jodie invited him on the show. 

Jodie, 43, is a race car driver, previously taking first place in Bologna, Italy at a Maserati Trofeo Pro-Am event with her co-driver, Fabio Babini, on December 4, 2004. 

As the pair walked around James’ large collection of cars, the chef stopped in front of a noticeably different vehicle known as a ‘Gator’, which had an open back to it. 

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“Out of all the cars this is the one I want to take you out in,” James stated. 

“I’m not going in a Gator,” Jodie replied incredulously, as James insisted, “This is mega!”

“Why would I want to go in a Gator when there are all these cars here?” Jodie asked. 

“Because this is where it’s at,” James continued, earning a laugh from Jodie. “This is amazing, this arrived a week ago.” 

“What’s wrong with my car?” Jodie asked innocently. 

James replied savagely: “That looks like a skip with a BMW badge on it. Look at it. When was the last time you cleaned that?”

Jodie went on to insist that her car was in a rougher condition because, unlike James, she lived in the “proper country”. 

The chef then branded the state of Jodie’s car “disgusting”, prompting her to tell him to “shut up”. 


Later on in the episode, the pair went on an exciting drive in a car James admitted he had “never driven before”. 

Several YouTube viewers appeared to be very impressed with Jodie’s video, with David Sherley commenting: “Jodie – this interview with James Martin is superb beyond words.  

“I connect so easily with James’s preference for classic cars, the driving experience they offer and his dispensing with the traditional niceties in favor of being sincere – they are absolutely wonderful.”

“Massive fan of James Martin and knew he was a petrolhead but wasn’t expecting a collection like that! 

“I am fully onboard with his choices! Race/rally cars with history over modern supercars all day long,” added Ben Jackson. 

The Kidd in a Sweet Shop channel is available to view on YouTube.


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