Looking for Alaska Episode 5 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 5 Recap

Looking for Alaska Episode 5 Recap

In the previous episode of Hulu’s Looking for Alaska, the Colonel invited Alaska and Pudge to his house for Thanksgiving, and Alaska pushed Pudge away when he tried to kiss her. In Looking for Alaska Episode 5, the Colonel learned of a prank that the Weekday Warriors were planning to pull on Alaska.

Her Life’s Library

The Weekday Warriors told the Colonel that they would be pulling a prank on Alaska to punish her for ratting. The Colonel, Pudge, and Takumi agreed to stay out of it. Alaska was completely ostracized at school now. Even though the Colonel was craving cigarettes, he wouldn’t ask for her some. However, when they failed to buy some at Coosa’s, she left him four packs.

Alaska was using her isolation to get deeper in reading through her life’s library, her collection of books that she vowed to read before she died. She woke up with her room flooded and many of her favorite books destroyed. The Colonel believed the Weekday Warriors had gone too far. He convinced Takumi to help him plan a prank with Alaska to get back at them. Pudge wanted to stay out of it.

The Dance

Looking for Alaska Episode 5 Recap

The holiday dance was happening at Culver Creek, and Pudge was determined to take Lara. She eventually said yes. The Colonel, Alaska, and Takumi were planning their prank the night of the dance and got permission to leave campus that weekend as cover for them. Though Pudge refused to help Alaska, the Colonel convinced him to be the lookout.

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At the dance, Pudge and Lara were having fun, but he kept running off to prevent his friends from getting caught. Longwell was now with Sara, and they left to have sex at secret spot in the woods. The Eagle noticed that they were gone and left the dance to check their rooms. Alaska, the Colonel, and Takumi were in Longwell’s room, so Pudge and Lara rushed to warn them. They were writing embarrassing college applications on behalf of the Weekday Warriors. Pudge and Takumi left to distract the Eagle with fireworks, while Lara and Alaska finished writing. The Colonel had gone to break up what Sara and Longwell were doing.

Best Day/Worst Day

Looking for Alaska Episode 5 Recap

Everyone met up at the barn in the woods. Takumi had to help Pudge get there since the swan had attacked him. After patching up Pudge, Alaska suggested they play “Best Day/Worst Day”, a drinking game where they tried to see who had the best Best Day and the worst Worst Day. The Colonel’s greatest ambition was to buy his mother a house in a fancy neighborhood. Alaska confessed that she didn’t call 911 when her mother had an aneurysm, and her father blamed her for her death. Pudge reassured her that it wasn’t her fault. In the barn as everyone went to sleep, Alaska could hear Pudge and Lara kissing.

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