Jobs: Founders of Digme Fitness 

Ages: Caoimhe is 48, Geoff is 38 

Live: Richmond

Length of time together: 10 years

Status: Married

(Caoimhe and Geoff Bamber )

The meet-cute

Caoimhe: We met in 2007 at my favourite gym class, Spin & Run, at Third Space in Soho. We became best friends and spent a lot of time running and riding bikes together.Then, after three years, Geoff plucked up the courage to kiss me. We said “I love you” at the same time after about a week and moved in together after about two months. 

Pet names

Caoimhe: The night we met, my running buddy and I didn’t know Geoff’s name so we affectionately nicknamed him Speedy. He’s still Speedy in my phone contacts. 

Meeting the parents

Caoimhe: My father passed away before Geoff and I started dating so sadly never got to meet him, but my mother adores Geoff. I’m from a big Irish family and he fits right in. Referencing our mutual love of endurance sport, my mother once commented: “You’re perfect for each other and could make two other people very unhappy.” 

(Caoimhe and Geoff Bamber )

Couples that sweat together

Geoff: We’re both very fidgety people by nature and have to keep moving. When we moved in together we lived centrally so loved running around St James’s, Green and Hyde Parks, and in the days before we had our boys we planned our holidays around races – ultramarathons and Ironman competitions. It was a great way to see the world. Now Richmond Park is our running ground.  

Plan B 

Geoff: I popped the question in a hotel in Quebec City in 2012. I’d planned to propose at the finish line of an Ironman in Mont Tremblant earlier that holiday, but Caoimhe was whisked off to the first-aid tent after collapsing at the finish line with acute tendinopathy, so I had to come up with a Plan B on the fly.

Same but different

Caoimhe: We focus on different areas of the business: I’m from a law background while Geoff is from finance, so for every PowerPoint I create, Geoff will create an Excel spreadsheet. We have the same core values and long-term goals, but we’re both good at playing devil’s advocate and testing each other’s ideas. 

Alpha couple 

Geoff: We both love sport, are hard workers and are alpha-type personalities, so we work well together, though I’d be lying if I said there weren’t stressful moments. Life in a start-up is often about being a bit scrappy. We often end up talking shop far too late in the evening, and inevitably we’re tired and grumpy by that point, but we almost always arrive at the same place. 

Down time

Caoimhe: Life is pretty hectic at the moment with a business and two young sons but we love to go for a spin class and dinner if we do have a date night. We both love West Wing and political box sets and our perfect night in involves Star Wars and ice cream. Geoff is definitely the better cook: he makes the best spaghetti Bolognese and a wicked sticky toffee pudding. 

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