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Liz Hurley, 56, insists 'life's too short to be on a super strict diet'

Elizabeth Hurley, 56, has admitted in a new interview that she does not follow any strict diets or workouts. The model is known for her enviable figure, as well as her acting career.

Liz constantly posts stunning pictures on her Instagram for her 2.1 million followers to envy, demonstrating age is just a number.

She has, however, revealed in a new interview with that she is not as strict as one might think.

The model said: “I’m at least 10 pounds heavier than I was 20 years ago but I don’t care.

“I probably eat a bit more now but I don’t eat takeaways and only drink sodas once a blue moon.

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She added: “We were very nervous about our health, there were elderly women and a friend with low immunity who had to be kept safe. We were just nervous and scared the whole time.”

The star became a household name overnight after stepping onto the red carpet with former boyfriend Hugh Grant, wearing a dress that was held together by safety pins.

Since then, The Royals star has continued to showcase her gym-honed physique to her millions of followers.

Liz has spoken openly about her raunchy social media posts that have previously landed the star in hot water.


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