Little Mix, Confetti, review: a group who have found their voice

Days before releasing 2018’s LM5, Little Mix clashed with Simon Cowell and parted from his label.

The pop quartet – who launched their own talent show The Search in September as an antidote to humiliating X Factor auditions – express their misgivings towards their journey in the industry on sassy single Not a Pop Song: “I don’t do what Simon says…be a puppet on a string”.

It’s no surprise they describe Confetti as “a celebration”; their sixth record could not feel more triumphant.

The 80s electro-pop opener Break Up Song encapsulates the jubilant energy found throughout – save for the emotive R’n’B-inspired finale Breathe, and the sole obligatory ballad.

Little Mix have stepped out on their own

The overriding sentiment is female empowerment. Bold statements abound: “I’m stronger without you” (“Happiness”) and “I got my eye on the prize” on Gloves Off, which models its vocal trills on Lady Gaga, before erupting into a thrilling fist-pumping chorus.

The big melodies come early, the filler later (Rendezvous is one that could be pruned). It takes a while for Happiness to take off, but its anthemic chorus soars, the stripped-back house of Holiday is just as feel-good, while Sweet Melody boasts an infectious tune and feisty lyrics matching its Latin rhythm.

Confetti is the confident album of a group who, approaching 30, have found their voice.


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