Listen to Warpaint score new Spotify podcast 'Motherhacker'

It’s the first material from the LA band since their 2016 album ‘Heads Up’

Warpaint have returned with new music, soundtracking the score for Spotify’s original scripted podcast Motherhacker.

The podcast, made by Gimlet, follows a struggling single mother who starts phishing over the phone for an identity theft ring.

It stars Carrie Coon, Alan Cumming, Lucas Hedges, Tavi Gevinson, and Pedro Pascal. You can listen to the score below.


Bridget Landry’s chaotic life is thrown for a loop when she gets besieged with robocalls. Written by Sandi Farkas, directed by Amanda Lipitz. Executive producers Mimi O’Donnell, Carrie Coon, Amanda Lipitz, and Sandi Farkas. Senior producer Katie Pastore. Producer Jasmine Romero. Associate producer MR Daniel. Recording and engineering by Armando Serrano.

It is the first material from Warpaint since their 2016 album ‘Heads Up’. Singer Theresa Wayman also released her debut solo LP  ‘LoveLaws‘ last year.

Speaking about future Warpaint material at the time, she told NME: “We’re going to do start writing another album in the next couple of months. We have a new label now, we have plans with them to do another album. We’ve started writing little bits here and there, and at the end of last year when we were on tour with Depeche Mode, it was a very long tour. We had a little studio at the back of the bus and we were writing some. I think we’ll probably write in July, that’s when we’ll have some time.

She added: “I’ve learned that it’s necessary for making an album and art in general to not have to worry about money constraints and time constraints and making deadlines based on other people in the music business’ needs.

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“I want us to become as self-sufficient as possible. When a painter paints, they don’t get someone to come in and tell them what tint of orange to use, or where to place it on the canvas. At the same time, I definitely don’t want to write this solo album and then let it fizzle out. There’s a lot more to do. I feel could extend from the album and I want to do dive into that even more.”


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