List of Well Managed Web Hosts in 2021

List of Well Managed Web Hosts in 2021

Looking to start your online blog or wondering about creating a website or your business? Web hosting is going to be an important part of it. Just as you need internet services to stay connected to the internet and sign up for service providers such as HughesNet internet to stay connected in the remotest areas, web hosting is even more important than that for websites.

Web hosting generally means storing your website information including images, code, and other files online. In other words, people buy space on a web server from web hosting providers (commonly referred to as web hosts) so that they can make their websites available for visitors.

Even though there are hundreds of web hosts these days, not all of them offer high-quality services. That means the wrong choice can lead your website to face issues like downtime or slower response. Due to that, experts recommend choosing a web host with good repute, even when you have to pay a few dollars extra.

However, the decision becomes difficult because of the abundance of options and complicated features. Moreover, not everyone knows what exactly they are looking for. To help with your search, we are listing down some of the most well-managed web hosts that you can use to host your website this year.

List of Most Well Managed Web Hosts in 2021

On this list, we have names including Bluehost, Nexcess, and Hostinger that have been ranked as top hosting options by many experts. Let’s have a quick look at all of these and see what they have to offer.

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Bluehost is one of the best hosting platforms in 2021 that suits both individuals and businesses. It offers shared hosting plans at very affordable prices that are suitable for those who are new to website building.

The best part is that Bluehost offers SEO and Analytics tools along with web hosting to make it easy for customers to improve their website and get it ranked. Moreover, if you want to create a WordPress website, you can install WordPress with one simple click after creating an account.

Apart from that, it also offers other hosting plans with managed hosting, VPS, or even dedicated hosting. Therefore, you can make changes to your hosting as your business grows further and upgrade it to whatever you want.

Bluehost hosting starts at $7.99 per month and offers a free domain and an SSL certificate. Moreover, customers get a 30 days money-back guarantee in case they don’t like the service.


Nexcess is a web hosting solution that mainly focuses on e-commerce platforms. It offers hosting solutions for WordPress, Woocommerce, Magento, Big Commerce, Craft CMS, and whatnot.  Therefore, if you are looking to create an online store, this one should be a priority for you.

Their Nexcess Cloud Accelerator feature is one of the reasons why experts recommend users to host their online stores on this platform. This cloud accelerator adds a layer to the cloud stack and helps the website to load faster than before. With that, users can keep customers for longer times and grab their attention without having them wait for loading the website.

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Moreover, there are several plans tailored for the needs of particular individuals and businesses. For instance, you can get WordPress or Woocommerce hosting for $19 per month. Similarly, there is a separate plan for Magento that starts at $49 per month. So, customers have a choice to go with the plan as per the platform they want to use.

Dream Host

Founded in 1996, Dream Host is among the leading web hosts, which is hosting over 1.5 million websites. With Dream Host, you will get everything that you need, including fast loading speed and outstanding customer service.

There are several hosting plans with Dream Host. However, I personally prefer their shared hosting plans as they are cost-effective and offer great value. For instance, their unlimited shared hosting plan starts at $8.95 per month and allows users to host as many websites as they want. This also included pre-installed WordPress, unlimited email addresses as per your domain, and a free SSL certificate.

Another thing about Dream Host is that it offers a custom control panel rather than the cPanel. That is both a pro and a con of using Dream Host. For those who need more control over their website, that is a pro. However, it also makes migrating your website difficult in case you find a better option.


Hostinger is one of the cheapest hosting platforms. Their cheapest shared hosting plan for one website starts at a promotional price of $0.99 per month and that too with a free SSL and 30 days money-back guarantee.

Although this pricing is changed at the time of the next payment. However, you can lock this rate for up to four years if you pay for it upfront. In case you don’t want to do that, it still costs $2.99 per month, one of the lowest in the market.

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Their web hosting comes with a 99.9% uptime guarantee while there is 24/7 customer service to assist in case of any issues. Moreover, it offers the best value in terms of service quality and prices.

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