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Lisa Faulkner explains ‘shiny, sweaty' TV appearance alongside her husband John Torode

Lisa added: “When you’re in the kitchen and you’ve got homeschooling going on, you’ve got kids in the house, and it’s your working kitchen, it is really difficult when someone is filming in the kitchen. And so I was banished upstairs.”

However, Lisa didn’t realise the full extent of the damage until John had finished filming.

She continued: “And then I heard the smoke alarm go off, but I didn’t realise until after the event that anything had happened, which was quite funny. 

“I just completely left him to it, I just thought, ‘You carry on in the kitchen so that I can get down there and make lunch’. 

“He didn’t lose his cool either, he’s always so calm,” Lisa admitted.

Although John remained calm throughout, This Morning hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were less relaxed when they spotted the flames.


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