Lip oils are like a grown-up, ultra-hydrating version of lip gloss – these are the ones to add to your stash

Much like inflatable furniture and tasselled combat trousers, sticky lip gloss is a product of the late nineties and early noughties that we’re not wishing back into our lives any time soon. That stuff was messy, irritating and more often than not smelled like an aromatic hybrid of cupcake and cheap plastic .

But the truth is, lip gloss looks really great. Sure, the formulas of yesteryear were totally impractical and downright uncomfortable to wear, but the plumped-up, high-shine finish that a gloss delivers? Unbeatable. And with low-key, soft-focus makeup leading the way right now (lazy girls, rejoice), we can’t help but feel as though there is a bit of a lip gloss-shaped hole in our lives.

Luckily, thanks to new formulations and makeup priorities, there is now a way to achieve that wet-look, gloss-like finish, without the tackiness and lip upset. Introducing, lip oils.

With super-nourishing, oil-infused formulas, lip oils deliver a wash of glossy colour (clear options are also available if it’s more your thing), while also hydrating, plumping and treating the lips while they’re at it. And the best bit is, they’re silky rather than sticky. Unlike the gloopy consistency of a gloss, lip oils are silky in texture and glide onto the lips, shrouding them in comfort and nourishment like a balm.

Perfect for everyday use and chucking in your handbag for when you’re out and about, the perfect lip oil can act as both your lip balm and lipstick in one. They basically help you achieve a no-effort, polished, your-lips-but-better look with maximum comfort.

Sold? These are the best lip oils out there…


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