Line of Duty Series 6 Episode 3: Buckells, Steve’s Painkillers & All Our Questions & Theories

Did Davidson order Ryan to kill Terry Boyle?

Ryan has been a major part of the OCG for years; Davidson is being manipulated into working for them for reasons as yet unknown. It’s unlikely then, that she’s the one giving Ryan orders. More probable is that Ryan discovered that Terry was close to talking and knew he had to silence him. Either that, or Davidson informed the OCG that Terry looked likely to crack, which is why she stopped the interrogation before he said any more, and the order to kill him still came to Ryan from on high. 

Another question is: why is Ryan still working on the Vella case, when Kate and Steve discovered in his records (as shown on screen in his notes but not discussed) that he had a childhood connection to current chief suspect Terry Boyle?

Which neighbourhood police officer took young Ryan under their wing? 

In series one, PC Simon Bannerjee was working the Borogrove Estate where Ryan grew up, and showed signs of wanting to help the young kid. It’s possible that Bannerjee – who showed no signs of being corrupt – took Ryan under his wing, helped him into foster care away from his addict mother and kept him in school until he enrolled in the police service. Meanwhile in the background, Ryan was still working for the OCG all along and playing Bannerjee for a fool. Alternatively… could it have been yet another job for the Caddy? 

Why did Hastings order random drug tests?

Because Steph Corbett told him about the painkillers she’d seen in Steve’s glovebox. Instead of confronting Steve about the drugs – which, by rights, Hastings would have had to report officially – Ted ordered the two-stage random tests as a way of alerting Steve and prompting him to clean up. The first stage of testing, from which Steve was exempted by Hastings, was to jolt Steve into getting clean in time for the second stage of testing.

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Is Steve going to fail the drug test?

We saw him struggle to go cold turkey after finding out about the tests, and self-medicate his pain with alcohol, but in the end, it proved too much and Steve took the pills again. Will it be a suspension for the new DI?

Where did Steph Corbett get the cash?

In series five, the OCG gave Ted Hastings a £100K bribe in the guise of a loan from ex-cop-turned-property-developer Mark Moffatt, as part of a plan to frame him as ‘H’. When the investigation into Ted discovered the money, they only found £50K. In the final scenes of series five, we saw Ted approach a grieving Steph Corbett with the envelope of cash, to make up for her family’s lack of police pay out (they thought John had gone rogue and therefore didn’t die in the line of duty). Steph has been pretending the cash was a life insurance lump sum for John, but Steve isn’t the only one asking questions about her finances. HMRC is too. 


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