Life after death: Woman details being given CHOICE to stay in the afterlife – claim

If there is a life after death, there is no evidence for it. However, some people believe they have seen the other side following a near death experience (NDE). One such person to have an NDE is a woman named Dilara.

After an accidental overdose on medication, Dilara believes she crossed to the ‘other side’ where she lost all her anxious feelings and was filled with happiness.

While Dilara described this perceived afterlife as the happiest place she has ever been, she was faced with a decision on whether to return to her normal life.

Dilara wrote on the NDE Research Foundation: “I was then overwhelmed by this ultimate feeling of peace. It was an unearthly feeling. I had no fear. I had no needs or sadness.

“All the pain had stopped. I don’t think it is possible to experience such a thing in life on earth. I felt completely accepted and embraced.

“I do not know by what, but it was like something was telling me that ‘it was all fine.’ I felt almost fine; though, in a way, I felt bitter that there were still many things I hadn’t done yet.

“I knew if I chose to go, there would be no coming back. Choosing to go was my choice and I really wanted to go. It was so hard to resist. It was the hardest decision in my life.

“I had to give up on that calm, serene feeling and choosing to come back to my body.

“I felt as if I was being guided by a greater Being and somehow the whole process of how it would go was in my knowledge.

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Previous research from Western University and the University of Liège, Belgium, found quantitative proof that most people respond positively to NDEs.

The research found after an NDE, people tend to have a decline in a fear of death and less interest in material functions.

They also tend to be less competitive and less interested in their personal status.

A statement from Western University said: “This is important as it suggests that individuals are not relating to their NDEs negatively.”


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