Life after death MIRACLE: Briton comes back to life after heart stops beating for SIX hrs

Audrey Schoeman’s heart stopped beating for six hours but the Briton was miraculously revived in what doctors have described as an “exceptional case”. Mrs Schoeman developed severe hypothermia when she was caught in a snowstorm in the Spanish Pyrenees during a trip with her husband in November.

During the hike Mrs Schoeman began having trouble speaking and moving and fell unconscious.

Her condition worsened while waiting for emergency services and her husband Rohan was convinced she was dead.

At a press conference on Thursday, Mr Schoeman told Catalan channel TV3: “I was trying to feel a pulse… I couldn’t feel a breath, I couldn’t feel a heartbeat.”

Doctors said it is the longest cardiac arrest ever recorded in Spain.

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“Given there are practically no cases of people who have had their heart stop for so long and been revived.”

For those hoping to learn about life after death, Mrs Schoeman unfortunately said she had no memory of the six hours.

She said: “I didn’t really know what was going on in my first day or two that I woke up in intensive care.

“But, since then, I’ve been trying to read more, obviously learning more about hypothermia and it feels really incredible that I survived it.

“It’s like a miracle except it’s all because of the doctors.”

Mrs Schoeman said she hopes to return to the mountains this winter.

She said: “I hope that in spring we will be able to start hiking again.

“I don’t want this to take away that hobby from me.”

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