Lewis Capaldi talks Tinder – and reveals the one VERY rude thing he'd never do

Like your favourite auntie at Christmas, Lewis Capaldi is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Since shooting into the spotlight with his stunning voice and razor-sharp wit, the 22-year-old has kept fans highly entertained with his hilarious social media exploits.

And today the star, from Bathgate in West Lothian, took to Instagram to reveal the one VERY rude thing he would never do on Tinder.

Addressing his 1.1 million followers in a story, Lewis said: “Had a lot of messages from people saying ‘you’ve matched with me on Tinder’.

“I do have one, but I just want to let you know that if at any point someone has messaged saying ‘can I send you a picture of my p***s?’ it’s not me.

“First of all, I’ve never asked someone if I can send them a picture of my p***s, cos I’m not a weirdo.

Lewis Capaldi addresses fans to share that he has never sent a picture of his p***s


“Second of all, I’ve not got a very impressive p***s, so I wouldn’t want to be showing it to people. I don’t want to show it to people who want to see it at the best of times.

“And third of all is because the only time I’ve ever taken what could be perceived as a nude picture of myself is when I was taking a picture of my a******e because I thought I had a hemorrhoid. Even then I couldn’t work out what was going on down there.”

The singer has been no stranger to talking about his past experiences on the infamous online dating app.

Back in November 2018, Lewis proudly took to Twitter after being nominated for a Brit award, claiming it was “one for the Tinder bio” that ‘seriously needed to change’.

You won’t be talking to the real Lewis Capaldi if a Tinder profile claiming to be him sends you a rude snap


The latest piece of comedy gold comes after he revealed he was ‘giving up music to become an 80s porn star’ at the end of last month.

The joker showed off a new slicked-back look online – matched with a cream jacket and orange sunglasses – to his 289,000 followers in a dramatic change from his distinctively untamed mop.

Yesterday, the rising star managed to keep his debut hit Someone You Loved at the top of the charts for the seventh week in a row, fending off Lil Nas X and his viral hit Old Town Road.

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