Lewis Capaldi says 'bolt hen am out wi the boys' as he pies fan in Glasgow club

Lewis Capaldi celebrated his epic TRNSMT performance with a night out Glasgow style.

After wowing the crowds at Glasgow Green on Sunday, the Someone you Loved singer went on a lads night out to The Cathouse, to enjoy an official festival afterparty.

Lewis Capaldi living it up at the Cathouse


Pictures on the Cathouse Rock Club Facebook page show down-to-earth Lewis loving life and posing for selfies with excited fans, with a bottle of Buckfast in hand.

He even replied to one picture which shows him ‘pieing off’ a fan in the club, saying: ‘Bolt hen am out wi the boys’.

The 22-year-old took to Twitter to let fans know about his arrival at the famous Glasgow club, Tweeting: “Cathouse isn’t just for goths”.

The Cathouse replied: “You’re an honorary goth tonight.”

Yesterday Lewis also Tweeted a photo of his TRNSMT performance showing the sell-out crowd.

Lewis Capaldi had a night out Glasgow style

He said: “size of that crowd best night of my f***ing life”.

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