Levi’s to join support for COVID-19 relief with 3M USD

Levi’s to join support for COVID-19 relief with 3M USD

Each day, brands have been dedicating themselves to donating funds or other forms of support towards COVID-19—and the latest to join in is Levi’s. The American denim company announced on its blog on April 3 that it will be donating 3M USD to support communities impacted by COVID-19.

The announcement comes shortly after the brand launched its 5:01 LIVE program, which provides emerging artists the platform to perform while maintaining the shelter-in-place mandate in the U.S. and reaching new audiences. In the post, Levi’s chief marketing officer Jennifer Sey shared in the blog post how the initiative plays a role in a larger effort from the brand.

Levi’s to join support for COVID-19 relief with 3M USD

“Together, we are, to start, committing [3 million USD] to support communities impacted by the COVID-19 crisis around the globe—with a focus on our employees, groups working to serve underserved and at-risk in their communities, and the people who make our products, the vast majority of whom are women,” Sey wrote in the statement.

The company will be focusing on “vanguard organizations that are championing marginalized people who will feel the deepest impacts of the COVID-19 crisis,” which include organizations like Chinese for Affirmative Action, VisionSpring, Swasti in India, The Tipping Point, and others.

“This is just the beginning. There will be more. But I hope it gives you a sense of how we are aiming to provide help and respond to the moment, in the way Levi’s always has.”

Images: Levi’s Facebook


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