Less than a fifth of McDonald’s Monopoly prizes were claimed last year

UNDER a fifth of McDonald’s Monopoly prizes were claimed last year meaning current gamers should cash in their wins as soon as possible to avoid missing out.

Much like today’s competition, there were 50million prizes up for grabs in 2018 including free food and drink as well as cash but only 8,006,175 were ever handed out.

 Only a fifth of McDonald's Monopoly prizes were won last year


Only a fifth of McDonald’s Monopoly prizes were won last year

That means that 41,993,825 McDonald’s Monopoly prizes were left unclaimed by the time the game ended after six weeks.

Out of the 20 Mini Coopers that were available to win, only six were claimed by winners.

Only three out of the four £100,000 cash prizes were handed out and two of the four £25,000 giveaways were ever won.

This is partly down to customers who find winning tokens but don’t cash them in before the deadline.

What top 2019 prizes are left?

HERE, we’ve put together a list of the prize, how many of them are left, how many have been won and what tokens you need in order to claim:

  • £100,000 cash, four still available, Dark Blue
  • Mini Cooper, 20 still available, Green Set (15) or an instant win (5)
  • £2,000 holiday spending money, 47 still available, three have been won, Yellow
  • PS4 Pro, 650 still available, Red
  • Any mobile phone with a one-year Sky contract, 400 still available, Train set

Of course, some of the winning tokens were never found, sets never completed or had been accidentally discarded so the prizes couldn’t be redeemed.

All of the prizes are owned by promoters, such as Mini Cooper or NOW TV, until they’re won.

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But if they’re not claimed before the deadline set by McDonald’s then they become annulled and you will have missed out on your big win.

There are two stages to redeeming your prizes – if you’ve scooped a winning token or set then you have to visit the link that’s printed on the sticker.

Once your win has been verified, your prize will be delivered to you either by email or post.

Teenage girl, 19, spends £130 on McDonald’s in bid to win £100k Monopoly cash

If it’s a voucher, you will then have a limited time to spend it with the retailer such as or

This year, the game ends on April 30 and all food prizes must redeemed by May 14.

All non-food prizes, including NOW TV passes, must be claimed before May 31 otherwise your tokens will be void and you won’t ever get your winnings.

For big wins like a car or big cash prize, winners must have their tokens verified by the end of May.

They then have until December 1 2019 to complete the final stages of completing the claim, which involves choosing how you’d like your prize to be delivered.

The Sun Online has reached out to McDonald’s to comment.

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Players have under three weeks left to find winning tokens which come on certain McDonald’s food packaging – here’s a list of all the prizes that can be won and how many of them are still available.

This year, the fast food chain has given the game a health kick by getting rid of the “go large” incentive, dishing out the same amount of stickers for large and medium size meals.

Shaker salads and fruit bags also come with more stickers than a side of fries.

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