Legendary Painter Bob Ross Makes Flames, Death Relaxing with New Magic: The Gathering Cards

The different colors in Magic: The Gathering represent different types of magic. Black mana, for example, is drawn from swamps, and is parasitic and destructive, leeching power from its victims before destroying them completely. Red mana, from mountains, is chaotic and explosive, dealing lots of direct damage to opponents. Wizards of the Coast would clearly want an artist to represent these themes in the art on the cards. Who better to represent the death and destruction of mountains and swamps than Bob Ross?

Starting Cyber Monday (November 30th), Wizards of the Coast is releasing one of its periodic Secret Lair drops. These are exclusive, limited availability collections of cards with alternate art or styles that are only sometimes playable in competitive formats. In this case, it’s likely that at least the Bob Ross cards will be legal everywhere.

The collections include:

Happy Little Gathering – $29.99/$39.99 (Foil and Non-Foil)


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