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Laurence Fox 'fearing for future': Actor quits Twitter after attacks left him depressed

“We all have privilege too. All of us. Whatever colour or creed. The richest and the poorest. Some see it. Some don’t.

“Some have more than others. Billionaires have bad days and beggars have good ones. I’ve spent time with both and I know it to be true.”

Laurence signed off: “I wish you ALL all the best. I hope the loudest voices are the ones that come from love and truth. I hope that those who feel hate can be encouraged to find the love around them.

“For me, I’m going to go back to reading more books. There is so much I will miss about T***ter, but on balance, I don’t think I need it half as much as I enjoy it.

“’ll probably be back on in ten minutes taking the piss out of Lily Allen!”


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