Laura Anderson calls in pest control over ant infestation in new Dubai home

Love Island’s Laura Anderson had to call in the pest control experts after she had ant infestation in new Dubai home.

Laura moved into her flat with boyfriend Dane Bowers at the end of last month and proudly showed off the large interior and garden area.

She has subsequently shared pictures of her and Dane’s bedroom, her newly wrapped kitchen, her dining furniture and her plans to turn her ‘paddling pool’ into a plush sunken pool with decking.

Laura most recently showed off her own belongings and furniture which she’d received in a large container from her Glasgow flat.

Pest control experts look around Laura’s home

However, she has now shared information about something in her house that she hadn’t envisaged – ants.

Laura took to Instagram to tell followers about her uninvited guests.

She said: “Happy Sunday my angels.”

“So I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but since I’ve moved in to a villa instead of living in a tower in Dubai, there are so many ants.

She added: “Basically I’ve heard its quite normal to have ants and everyone gets pest control so I’ve got We Hygiene coming in.”

“They put a gel round the side of the house and the little ants take it back and then they don’t come back.”

“That’s what I’m doing today.”

Laura Anderson’s garden was sprayed with gel to deter ants

“Laura shared footage of the two pest control experts searching through her patio door window frames, curtains and living room for ants.

She also shared footage of a man spraying fluid outside in the garden and added that they were also checking her belonging for bed bugs.

She said: “Also just realise We Hygiene Dubai deep clean rugs, mattresses, sofas the lot for bed bugs etc.

Since my furnitures been in storage I think it’s a good shout.”


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