Labradoodle needs £130 vet visit after eating £160 in cash

Ozzie ate £160 in notes then cost his owners a further £130 in vets bills (Picture: Wales News)

Ozzie the labradoodle struggles to hide his guilt in a picture taken after swallowing a wad of £160 in notes belonging to his owners.

The normally very good boy got overexcited when the cash was posted through his letterbox for Neil and Judith Wright.

In seconds, the dog ate his way through £160 in £20 notes – then cost Judith and Neil a further £130 at the vets when he had to have his stomach pumped.

Ozzie, nine, ate most of the cash posted by a neighbour, with just scraps left behind.

Judith, 64, of Llandudno, Wales, said: ‘Someone had owed us money and popped it through the letter box for us, that’s how Ozzie got hold of it.’

The Wrights had returned home from a shopping trip when they found the torn up bank notes scattered over their kitchen and hallway.

Judith said: ‘He has been known to eat other items before but never money.’

A sheepish looking Ozzie at the vets (Picture: Wales News)
The couple say Ozzie will be back to his old self in no time (Picture: Wales News)
Judith and Neil Wright think they might be able to get around £80 back (Picture: Wales News)

She said the vets see dogs who have eaten plenty of things they shouldn’t have, including toilet brushes and socks, but they had never seen a dog eat money before.

As well as the cash, the vets managed to retrieve a plastic money bag and a circular money clip, along with a few bits of carrot.

Llandudno’s Murphy & Co Veterinary Practice, where Ozzie was treated, said depending on the breed of dog owners can expect to pay around £130 to induce vomiting in a dog.

Ozzie is now said the be recovering well – if not feeling a little sorry for himself.

Neil is now looking at fitting a cage on their letter box to avoid any similar mishaps in the future.

He believes the couple may be able to reclaim £80 of their lost cash from the Bank of England.

It reimburses damaged money if at least half a bank note can be produced.


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