Labour’s Emily Thornberry says it’s ’embarrassing’ the party has NEVER had a female leader

LABOUR leader wannabe Emily Thornberry has said it’s “embarrassing” the party has never had a female leader.

Despite the Conservatives having had two women leaders – both who went on to become PM – Labour has yet to elect its first.

 Emily Thornberry said it was embarrassing Labour hasn't had a female leader


Emily Thornberry said it was embarrassing Labour hasn’t had a female leader

Ms Thornberry, the Shadow Foreign Secretary, has thrown her hat into the ring to be the next leader after Jeremy Corbyn announced he would step down.

The race will officially kick off in the new year, with the next boss set to come into office by March.

She told Good Morning Britain earlier: “I think it’s getting a bit embarrassing that we have been going for more than 100 years and we are yet to have a leader of the Labour party that is a woman, but it’s up to the members to decide.”

And she added: “I am a successful woman, I am proud of that.

“I had a few fights to get there.”

But she admitted that the “best person” should win, and the leadership shouldn’t be given automatically to a woman.

Several other high profile women are set to stand to be Labour leader – including Shadow Business Secretary Rebecca Long Bailey, and backbenchers Yvette Cooper, Lisa Nandy and Jess Phillips.

Labour’s chairman Ian Lavery has also said he’s thinking about throwing his hat into the ring too.

Ms Thornberry said the party’s recent election manifesto was a “huge wish-list” and they would never have been able to deliver on all of their promises.

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“We couldn’t possibly have delivered it in five years,” she added.

Over the past two years the party has “lost its way” and “Jeremy was badly advised”, she stressed.

The Shadow Foreign Secretary – who was booted out of Ed Miliband’s top team for appearing to sneer at a working class household in Rochester, also said their policies needed to be more “straightforward and clear”.

Latest odds from Ladbrokes

Keir Starmer – 7/4

Rebecca Long-Bailey – 5/2

Lisa Nandy – 4/1

Yvette Cooper – 5/1

Jess Phillips – 16/1

 Emily Thornberry also revealed how she ended up in A&E over Christmas after slicing her hand open while cutting the ham


Emily Thornberry also revealed how she ended up in A&E over Christmas after slicing her hand open while cutting the ham
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She also revealed her “Christmas disaster” this year as she sliced her hand open when cutting the ham.

And she even had to have stitches, but is luckily now on the mend.

“If anyone was to end up at A&E over Christmas, I didn’t think it would be me!” she joked.



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