Labour conference: Jeremy Corbyn insists Andy McDonald’s resignation not part of anti-Starmer plot – live

Latest updates from Brighton as former party leader says Andy McDonald’s resignation from the shadow cabinet was not a Machiavellian plot

1.55pm BST

In an interview with the World at One Jonathan Ashworth, the shadow health secretary, said patients could die unless health workers are given priority for getting petrol.

Asked if he agreed with calls for health workers to get priority at petrol stations, he replied:

Yes, and we are facing a crisis, because if doctors and nurses, midwives, if care assistants cannot get to the bedsides of their patients, then people will be left stranded, people will be left in the most desperate of circumstances. Some people could end up losing their lives, that’s how serious this is.

We need urgency and we need grip, we haven’t had that so far, so Sajid Javid, if you are listening to this now, get the workforce representative bodies on a call, and get an agreement because we cannot leave vulnerable, desperate patients stranded without the care they deserve.

1.46pm BST

These are from the Economist’s Duncan Weldon, pointing out that £15 per hour would be above median hourly pay last year.

FWIW I’m quite bullish on the ability of the economy to cope with higher wage floors… but median hourly pay in 2020 was £13.68 (https://t.co/NJn5lFzqT4).

More context. pic.twitter.com/PHnDg7plvd

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