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Kyler Murray celebrated his Hail Mary by playing video games on Twitch – Sporting News

The Cardinals pulled off one of the most ridiculous wins of the season on Sunday, and quarterback Kyler Murray celebrated by playing some video games.

If you somehow missed it, Murray connected with DeAndre Hopkins on a 43-yard touchdown with two seconds left in the game. It was a Hail Mary pass, and Hopkins was covered by three Bills defenders. According to ESPN’s win probability chart, the Bills had a 96.8% chance to win before that pass, which shows you just how incredible that play truly was.

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Once Murray returned home, he turned on his gaming setup and started playing “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.”

He played with fellow Cardinals teammates Christian Kirk and Chase Edmonds.

Murray was fairly quiet to start the stream, but eventually started to discuss the play.

“I wish there was a camera just watching everybody’s reaction,” Murray said about the catch.

At one point during the stream, Murray’s teammate joked about how the Cardinals didn’t kick the extra point at the end of the game. Instead, the Cardinals took a knee so that the kick couldn’t be returned for two points and tie the game.

That’s important because the money line was set at Cardinals -3 at many places. So the decision not to kick it ended up costing people money.

Just goes to show that athletes are just like us. They too like to unwind from the work day by playing some video games. Except, their workdays might be a little more exciting.

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