KwaZulu-Natal woman airlifted to hospital after snake bite

A woman was bitten by a puff adder while hiking with her husband in a wooded area of New Hanover in the KwaZulu-Natal midlands, paramedics said on Wednesday.

Netcare 911 received a call at around 13:37 on Tuesday after the husband sent out a call for help, said spokesperson Shawn Herbst.

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“A local company had arrived on scene with a first aider who initiated treatment when she began to show signs of cytotoxic venomisation,” Herbst said.

“The patient was safely loaded onto a bakkie where they were to meet a Netcare 911 Paramedic en route.”

Herbst said the woman was assessed on scene by an emergency care practitioner who initiated advanced life support intervention.

Due to the woman’s condition, the woman was airlifted to hospital, he said.  

“Once treated and stabilised the patient was flown to a specialist facility for further treatment.”


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