Kotaku UK to close this week

Games media site Kotaku UK will close on Wednesday this week.

The news comes via a statement on the site, which revealed that Wednesday the 9th September will mark the last day of the site’s six-year run.

Kotaku US is run by G/O Media, with Future licensing out the brand and content for the UK website. However, Future has decided to no longer continue this deal, bringing Kotaku UK to an end.

As of Wednesday, the rights will revert back to G/O Media, with the Kotaku US continuing to operate and run content.

“I’ve been Kotaku UK’s editor for three years,” stated Kotaku UK editor Rich Stanton,” before which I was a regular contributor, and the journey has been a privilege. I’d especially like to thank the people who made Kotaku UK what it was: former editor Keza MacDonald, who with Future started the site, and our colleagues over the years: Dave ‘Captain’ Basch, Julian Benson, Leon Hurley, Alistair Jones, Kelly Kanayama, Laura Kate Dale, Tom Pritchard, Kimberley Snaith, Jack Tomlin and CJ Wheeler. I fling you all one last salute from the deck.

“Finally I’d like to thank and say farewell to our readers. My sense was always that you love games, have a sense of humour, and value good writing: that’s what we always tried to deliver. I’m sorry to say goodbye. Hope you all enjoyed the ride, and please take one thing forward from Kotaku UK: see games differently.”


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