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‘Knocks the stuffing out of you’ Brian May, 74, addresses health woes after heart attack

Queen guitarist Brian May, 74, has revealed his heart attack led to him suffering from “a lot of other complications” to his health. The musician first told fans about his “small” heart attack in May last year, speaking about the situation in a video he posted on Instagram.

Despite recovering from the heart attack, Brian has now revealed he had to “fight” his way back to being in good health.

The star admitted: “What also happened was I got very sick. 

“I got a heart attack for no reason I can possibly see. 

“I didn’t really tick any of the boxes for heart attacks but I got it.”

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Brian added to the PA news agency: “That knocks you back, I have to say. 

“It knocks the stuffing out of you. I had a lot of other complications.”

Brian shared that doctors had also treated him for a stomach haemorrhage, as his heart attack had triggered underlying health issues he didn’t realise he had.

The Queen legend told The Guardian he was “very near death” in 2020, as the drugs he was on at the time to treat his symptoms caused more complications.

He said: “I’m not a person who is full of joy naturally, I have to really look for the joy and I suppose that is what being a depressive is.“

Brian continued: “It’s always there and it’s always going to bite you if you let your guard down, because when you can’t see a future you can even contemplate enjoying… so I’m not a really good person to live with because I tend to be that way. 

“I don’t get jolly very easily, when I do get jolly it’s great, but it doesn’t happen very often,” he added.

Back in 2011, Brian revealed he went into a “serious depression” after the death of Queen’s lead singer Freddie Mercury and the collapse of their band in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

He told Daily Mail: “I regarded myself as completely sick. I was wounded and very much in pieces. I went into a serious depression – I was subsumed by feelings of loss

“Being in a touring band puts your friends and family on hold. You’re focused on one thing: the band.


“When that finishes you’re out on a limb. The band finished, so there was a terrible feeling of loss.

“The band was my family. We lost Freddie and my dad died at almost the same time. I didn’t want to love – I’d lost myself completely.”


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