Kitten rescued after being ‘shoved into’ office water cooler bottle

Rescuers believe a cruel local stuffed the stray in the bottle and left it to die (Picture: ViralPress)

Firefighters had to work quickly to free a kitten suffocating inside a discarded water bottle after a cruel local is thought to have stuffed it in there.

The poor stray’s head was poking out of the office water dispenser, unable to move as the rest of its body was trapped inside.

A concerned local spotted the struggling kitten last Thursday and rushed it to the local fire brigade’s office for help.

Rescuers in Jakarta, Indonesia, quickly got to work to save the cat by cutting open the bottom of the container to handle the cat’s body.

After 30 minutes of careful work, rescuers managed to free the kitten (Picture: ViralPress)

Then they carefully sliced open the bottleneck with a metal cutting tool and placed a spoon between the kitten’s neck and the plastic for safety.

West Jakarta Fire Service Office head Eko Sumarno said: ‘A kind man asked us to free the cat from the bottle.

‘The man said he would do it himself but he was afraid that he might hurt the cat further if he cut the bottleneck.’

A man who spotted the kitten has now adopted it (Picture: ViralPress)

After 30 minutes of precise work, the cat was freed and the man who took it to the rescuers volunteered to adopt it.

Firemen believe that a cruel local could have stuffed the kitten inside the bottle before leaving it to die.

The brigade is now asking for witnesses to come forward to find out if the animal was purposely shoved inside.

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