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Kirstie Allsopp sparks fury by urging young wannabe homeowners to 'move somewhere cheaper'

On his Twitter account, Adil typed: “This is becoming the greatest scandal in sport. Another Asian player claims he was ‘urinated’ on and heard players brag they ‘sh**ged a bird…who was on her period and made a mess’, and all they could find is a Muslim player’s prayer mat to clean it up.

He continued: “Allegations that a Muslim prayer mat was used by Yorkshire Cricket players to clean up the mess from having sex with a woman on her period and players p**sed on an Asian players head are vile. We need answers and action now. I fear a DCMS review won’t cut it. This is much bigger.”

Kirstie responded: “The repugnance towards menstruating women inherent in this must be acknowledged. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

“Things can be racist and sexist. They can be wrong on multiple levels. Highlighting a second wrong, does not in any way lessen the first noted wrong.”


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