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Kirstie Allsopp: ‘Did I imagine that?’ Star hits back at Graham Norton Eurovision joke

Kirstie Allsopp, 47, was quick to notice her name getting a mention during Graham Norton’s witty Eurovision Song Contest commentary this evening. The Location, Location, Location star spoke out about the 56-year-old comedian’s surprising joke on Twitter after he compared her to Albanian finalist, Jonida Maliqi, 36, who he referred to as the “Albanian Kirstie Allsopp”. Tweeting her response in view of her 405,000 followers, a stunned Kirstie wrote: “Did I just imagine that? #EUROVISION @grahnort.” Fortunately, it soon became clear that the presenter saw the funny side of The Graham Norton Show host’s remark, as she added in a separate tweet: “To be fair I would totally wear that black & gold dress. #EUROVISION.”

Kirstie then became even more excited about her Eurovision 2019 lookalike, enthusing: “I can retire now, my greatest moment has come & gone. 

“Being mentioned by @grahnort on #EUROVISION it doesn’t come any better than this. #endof.”

Kirstie’s fans were quick to comment on her tweets about the joke, with many suggesting the TV personality should be flattered by the comparison to the “gorgeous” Albanian singer.

One wrote: “She’s gorgeous – you can take it as a compliment.”

Another added: “Should be a compliment, very good entry and very opera stylish.”

A third replied: “Well she is a looker.”

Others took the opportunity to praise Graham for his hilarious comment, with one fan tweeting: “Sorry Kirstie, we laughed out loud at that. Typical Graham Norton.”

A second agreed: “You were hearing correctly. I think it might have had something to do with her dress and whimsical spinning! Maybe he could get you both onto his show!”

A third cheekily responded: “I hope you win. Rooting for you Kirstie.”

A fourth added Kirstie’s Location, Location, Location co-host Phil Spencer, 49, into the joke, writing: “Well… I’ll have to watch the rest of it to see if Phil comes along now.”

Some of Kirstie’s followers instead opted to praise the presenter on her own unique talents in comparison to the Albanian songstress.

An admirer quipped: “Albania should be so lucky. I’d like to see that Albanian lady decorate a house at Christmas with a load of baubles made of ping pong balls and fuzzy felt.” 

Another replied: “In fairness she could sing but no one sells a house like Kirstie A.”

A third tweeted: “Nowhere near as awesome as you @KirstieMAllsopp think you can probably sing better too.”

A fourth joked: “Sounds like @grahnort has laid down the challenge for you to recycle her outfit. I reckon you should track her down and do it for this Christmas. It won’t be the first thing to be recycled on Eurovision.”

A fifth added: “Bet she’s rubbish at crafting though.”

The Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final airs tonight at 8pm on BBC One.


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