Kim Kardashian Teases Track List for New Kanye West Album ‘Jesus Is King’

A new Kanye West project was teased on Kim Kardashian’s Twitter on Thursday. On a yellow notepad, written in black ink, the title “Jesus Is King” can be seen above 12 possible song titles. The proposed date on the pad is September 27th.

The release of a religion-themed West album is something Kardashian has teased before. Last year, she announced that Yandhi was set for a release on Black Friday 2018. That album never arrived. Rolling Stone has not confirmed Jesus Is King‘s release date or track list.

One of the titles included on the pad is “Water,” which West premiered at his Sunday Service performance at Coachella earlier this year. At the weekly sessions, the most recent of which was held in Ohio to support a Dave Chappelle event, West often performs gospel-tinged takes on his own songs. Returning to the church has been something the star has played as a thematic concern over the past year or so. The photo also shows a Bible, opened to Psalms, another pad with written-out verses from the Bible, and a second, presumably scrapped track list featuring a song called “Breast Plate of Right,” which would likely be a reference to the breastplate of righteousness, one of God’s seven pieces of armor as detailed in Paul’s Epistle to the Ephesians. Also on the table: a jar of sliced lemons.

Recently a cache of unfinished Kanye songs from Yandhi sessions leaked. In an interview with Rolling Stone, G.O.O.D. Music President Pusha T described how these leaks effect the plans they have in place.

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“That’s something that comes along with the fanatic-ness of what we built as a brand in G.O.O.D. Music,” Pusha T said. “People are super eager. Sometimes it’s eager fans, sometimes it’s people who just are unethical. I don’t know exactly know what it is, but I do know that ultimately G.O.O.D. Music doesn’t play by the rules. We never conform to anything, and the only people that that honestly caters to is our fanbase and just the industry as a whole. Everything that we do is sort of outside of the box. I feel like we bring excitement and we bring a new energy with any new project we’re dropping. So when things like leaks happen, I feel like the only person that’s honestly getting cheated is the fan. These songs go through iterations. There’s so many different iterations, from lyricism to production. Ye could wake up tomorrow and say ‘Oh man, those need harder drums.’ Even some of the songs that you heard, those are just references without drums. You don’t even get the full scope of the song…I feel like we’re at a place where the talent pool is beyond measure. We’ll cook up again, and we’ll roll it out properly next time, and it’ll be fine.”

See the possible Jesus Is King track list below.

  1. Glade
  2. Garden
  3. Selah
  4. God Is
  5. Baptized
  6. Sierra Canyon
  7. Hands On
  8. Wake The Dead
  9. Water
  10. Through The Valley
  11. Sunday
  12. Sweet Jesus


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