Kim Kardashian Reveals How Botox Has Impacted Acting Career

Kim Kardashian Dishes About Her Upcoming Acting Roles in Variety Sit-Down with Chloë Sevigny

Kim Kardashian isn’t one to cry over spilled milk.

Or easily break down in tears, for that matter. After all, she admitted that it’s sometimes difficult for her to show emotions—despite having one of the most iconic cry faces in pop culture history.

“You need less Botox for more emotions—and I don’t have it,” Kim quipped to her friends during a conversation about acting career on the June 20 episode of The Kardashians. “I’m not going to be gaining 500 pounds for a role and losing a million. That’s just not where I need to be.”

Though Kim is grateful to have appeared in American Horror Story: Delicate, she is hesitant to take on more challenging roles.

“How am I going to cry?” she joked. “How am I going to be scared out of my mind? I cannot move.”

But that doesn’t mean Kim has given up on her acting dreams. In fact, her self-proclaimed “10-year plan” is to be on the big screen, including starring in the upcoming comedy The Fifth Wheel


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