Kim Kardashian branded 'wasteful' as she stuns fans with tour of her walk-in fridges

TikTok users have slammed SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian for being ‘wasteful’ and hoarding food, thanks to a 2020 video of the reality TV star giving fans a tour of her ‘restaurant grade kitchen’ resurfacing online

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Kim Kardashian gives a tour of her fridges in 2020

Kim Kardashian fans joked they have “never felt so poor” after a tour of her multiple walk-in fridges resurfaced online.

The billionaire reality TV star, 41, has sparked a debate about much food and produce is ethical to hoard in one home, thanks to a Kardashian-dedicated TikTok account sharing a snap of the star’s lavish walk-in fridges and pantries.

Many internet commentators branded the mum-of-four “wasteful” and questioned what happens to the food when it expires, while others noted how the star’s walk-in fridges are bigger than many rooms in a regular person’s house.

“How many fridges does she need,” the Kardashian fan account captioned the snippet online, where the mum-of-four can be seen giving a tour of her massive walk-in organic-filled fridge.

Kim Kardashian’s lavish kitchen tour has divided fans on TikTok



Social media users questioned what happens to all the food stored in her household



“Guys, I have a walk-in refrigerator,” Kim tells her fans in the clip, as viewers see shelves piled high with produce.

“[It’s] where we keep all of our fresh organic produce,” the aspiring lawyer continues, as the camera pans to reveal fresh food items like apples, lemons, limes and other fruits adorn the shelves.

Another shelf is jam-packed with healthy veggies like cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.

“We are building on the property, all organic trees to grow our own vegetables,” Kim continues during the tour, as even more lavish food arrangements can be seen in the TV star’s home.

Kim has ditched plastic in favour of glass jars and bottles



The star grows her own organic produce on her land



Pete Davidson’s current girlfriend goes on to explain how she has shunned single-use plastic and show off even more shelves of food – with pre-packaged sauces, bottles of juice and perishable dairy products all on display.

“That’s a whole restaurant grade kitchen,” one TikTok user exclaimed underneath the revisited clip filmed in 2020.

“Yet so many people go without….lovely greed u have there,” one unimpressed social media commentator quipped.

Many wondered what Kim and her household do with any of the food they don’t consume before its expiry date.

TikTok users noted it was a lot of food to be kept in one house



“i KNOW they ain’t going through all that food before it goes bad. i hope she’s donating it or something because [shocked face],” one of the comments underneath the TikTok post reads.

Another mused: “Ummm…. So what happens when half of the food spoils? Does it just get thrown out? Or do staff get to take home stuff before it goes bad?”

A third commented on the environmental issues the multiple fridges cause, writing: “I got rid of all plastic in my house but, my house also uses the same amount of energy as a town of 500 people… smh.”

Kim recently showed off her luxury private jet

However some loved Kim’s tour – with several fans describing the kitchen set-up as “aesthetically pleasing” and noting how it was aspirational.

While Kim’s kitchen tour may be a throwback from 2020, the trainee lawyer more recently gave fans a tour of her new custom private plane before taking off on her maiden voyage in an of The Kardashians earlier this month.

.Stepping into the plane for the first time, Kim gave the Hulu cameras a tour as she highlighted her own personal touches to the custom décor.

Kim told the cameras: “It’s so pretty. I never dreamed I would own a plane. I wanted it to feel like an extension of me and an extension of my home.”

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