Khloe Kardashian photo update – Unedited bikini picture is Kardashian property and must not be shared online, family say


NYC photographer and photoshop expert Ruthie Darling shared insight on the reality star’s methods for creating her “unrecognizable” photos.

Ruthie credited Adobe Photoshop for the “unrealistic” images, with techniques such as “airbrushing”, “bloat”, and “liquify”, to turn the TV personality into a full-blown “barbie doll.”

One of the most highly debated images of Khloe came nearly a year ago, when she shared a smiling shot in a white top.

“Who is this person? Am I supposed to believe this is Khloe Kardashian!?” the photographer joked.

“I’m not sure quite how she Frankesteined this picture, but my guess would be that this is a composite shot made up of different images.

“Firstly, she has removed all texture from her skin (no one’s skin is poreless), then she used photoshop’s ‘liquify’ tool to move and stretch her eyes which is what gives them that slightly vacant ‘where did I leave my keys?’ expression she has going on,” she detailed.

“This is like a composite drawing you’d see on America’s Most Wanted, taking facial features from other photos and placing them where she chooses. ‘Have you seen this woman? wanted for crimes against photography.'”


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