Crocs is launching a new limited-edition collection of shoes, collaborating with fast food chain KFC to bring people…fried chicken sliders.

Yep, that’s right – in possibly the most bizarre move ever, the shoe retailer is teaming up with the Colonel for a new, outlandish range of footwear.

As well as sporting the fried chicken brand’s colours of red and white, the Crocs also come with chicken-scented clip-ons to jazz up the footwear even further – because who wouldn’t want their feet smelling like seasoned poultry?

The shoe firm marketed the new collection with a pretty cool promo video, along with the tagline ‘Not for human consumption.’

They’re not cheap though – a pair of the KFC Crocs will set you back $59.99 (£46.23) – which, admittedly, is far cheaper than their £600 Balenciaga range.

Since the collab was announced, however, people aren’t too sure how to feel.

One person wrote: “KFC Crocs. Every day we stray further from God’s light.”

Another questioned: “KFC Crocs that smell like chicken? For my feet?”

A third quipped: “Sorry girls, the KFC Crocs stay ON during sex.”

That said, a lot of people were actually digging the idea of chicken-themed footwear…


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